Pipeline report

This report details contract end dates and contract review dates a year early. The data details each organisation's current contracting arrangements, as well as their contract spend and the suppliers used. The data can be used to highlight upcoming contracting opportunities that can be targeted for new business sales.

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Potential usage

  • Allows suppliers to target business that due to be renewed in 12 months time.
  • National framework suppliers to target organisations that are reviewing contracts.
  • Can be used to plan tendering and bidding activities throughout the year.

  • Content

  • Current spend
  • Suppliers used
  • Organisation turnover
  • Turnover to category spend ratio

  • Our promise

  • Data is sourced directly from documents published by the buying organisations.
  • We double source all information and anomalies are double checked and clarified.
  • We will publish reports at least 12 months before the contract is due to be renewed.
  • We will seek to provide the most up-to-date data we can.
  • If you have any questions about your report, or are unhappy with the quality, we will do our best to resolve your query.

  • Download a sample report

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