Customer insight

We design reports to understand what real decision makers in your industry are thinking. There's a huge difference between gathering feedback and securing real insight into your customer's plans. We can give you the insight that you need to make confident decisions. One client has used our data to bring six new clients worth £4.4m onto an existing framework.

Innovation insight

  • Market awareness
  • Price tolerance
  • Service perceptions

  • We work with our customers to design reports that will deliver the insight that clients need. We have previously identified 47 new opportunities in UK Government, worth £350k, for an e-auctions provider.

    Market insight

    What is happening? Helping you understand your opportunities and your performance against others in the market. Our market insight services allow organisations to understand how they are performing and how they can grow. Through better selection one client has increased their win-to-bid ratio by a factor of three.

    Competitor insight

    Who has the most contracts? Who has the most revenue? When are my rival’s contracts due for renewal? Knowing about your competitors isn't a luxury, it is essential. Understanding what they offer, how they perform and what they charge allows you to define your offering against theirs and compete in the most effective way possible.

    Data management

    How do I get the information I need? We specialise in getting you to a position where your data can be used as real information, that means gathering the right data and cleansing it for you. Our data management services will help you to develop lasting and effective data sources for your business.

    International research

    Our team has completed projects across Europe and we can complete research in more than 40 languages. Our research team does more than just translate different languages. We are able to put 'feet on the ground' research teams in place, we can provide real insight and real evidence for what is actually happening in your market. We identified over £1bn of potential opportunities in 8 different territories for one professional services client.